Hey there! Firstly, thanks so very much for your interest and support of PorchDrinking.com. What started as a fun side project for a bunch of former journalism majors who loved shooting the shit and drinking craft beer has grown into something pretty exciting. And while this is still a side project for us all—we can’t provide writers or staff members with monetary compensation—there are still a number of perks to being part of the team (occasional press credentials, access to beer samples, opportunity to showcase work, a family of like-minded passionate beer friends). That being said, we’re actively recruiting writers, staff members and people who are generally hungry to get involved. Check out a few of the positions/writing assignments we’re looking to fill in each region.

Copy Editor

We’re looking for seasoned journalists who have a passion for copy editing and editing for style to join our ranks. We’d prefer applicants be well-versed with AP-style, and have a basic understanding of and aptitude with WordPress. Copy Editor duties require the ability to edit and schedule articles one night a week, every week. If you love reading about beer, and enjoy copy editing we’d love to have you be part of this incredible team.

If interested please e-mail [Tristan] at porchdrinking dot [com]

Social Media Coordinator

This day in age, just about anyone with a phone can be considered a social media expert. That said we’re looking for someone looking to learn and practice social media strategy. The ideal candidate would also have a tremendous background and wealth of knowledge in beer. This Social Media Coordinator will train under our Social Media Manager and learn to help schedule posts on both Facebook and Twitter. Ideal candidates would have a basic background in content calendar planning and social media strategies.

If interested please e-mail [Tristan] at porchdrinking dot [com]

Regional Events Editor / Events Coverage Team Members

Craft beer events are becoming more prevalent across the country, so our aim is to provide thorough coverage of all beer events happening in each individual region. This means we’ll need someone to keep tabs on those events and provide a weekly roundup of beer festivals, special tappings, new beer releases, new brewery openings, beer dinners, collaborations, and other craft beer happenings. Our current template is a bit low-fi; it contains important information like the event name, which brewery/breweries are involved, what neighborhood the event takes place in, date, time, location, a brief description, and if possible a list of beers that will be available. We’re looking for someone to help run that ship in each region.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the Regional Events Editor will also be responsible for reaching out to event organizers to request event credentials, then coordinating with area photographers and writers to assign coverage of said larger/more unique events. For credentialed events it is critical that both pre- and post-event coverage is completed in a timely manner.

If you consider yourself a natural networker, someone who might suffer from a bit of FOMO, likes to know what’s happening at all times, has a strong passion for the beer industry, is great at delegating, staying organized and meeting deadlines, we’d love for you to consider being a Regional Events Editor or becoming a member of our regional events coverage team.

Regions we’re looking for most, but no limited to: Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Asheville, Michigan, Kentucky/Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indiana, St. Louis, Boston/New England, Georgia/Florida

If interested please e-mail [Tristan] at porchdrinking dot [com]

News Editor / News Writers

Do you have a keen eye for what’s currently happening in the industry? Do you get a thrill from breaking news? Are you willing to go the extra step to chat with a brewery representative? We’re looking for news editors and writers to help break stories, keep an eye out for new releases, work with our partners to properly promote their content, and share great content from other sites. We believe in strong storytelling, so we’re looking for a team of writers who are able to go beyond a press release to present more than a run-of-the-mill story in their particular region.

If interested please e-mail [Tristan] at porchdrinking dot [com]

Beer / Brewery Showcases and Features

A good portion of what we do is expose people to great new beers. We need writers to help tell great stories about beer within his or her region. Each morning we feature a unique beer. For these showcases we ask that our writers learn something interesting about the beer that many not be well known by the common consumer. This can involved finding out how a beer got its name, why the brewer chose to brew that exact beer, or any other interesting circumstances surrounding the creation of the beer. It’s also important to actually describe the beer with notes on smell, appearance, taste all while remaining unpretentious.

We also pride ourselves on thinking outside the box with our creative and sometimes off-beat beer features. These often tie into music, pop culture, and sports as can be seen in our themed Ultimate 6ers. However, sometimes they’re just helpful resources like a list of the best Spring Beers in your region, best neighborhood routes for a brewery crawl, best beer restaurants, or brewers with the most beastly beards.

If interested please e-mail [Tristan] at porchdrinking dot [com]

Photographers / Videographers / Graphic Designers

We’ve always placed tremendous value in the power of great multimedia content. For each region, we’re looking to build a team of strong photographers and videographers to accompany our writers for craft beer events. We believe both strong written components and powerful visual elements are necessary to complete a great story.

If you love attending craft beer events and are a strong photographer, we’d love for you to join our team! We’re also always open to photographers and videographers who like driving and creating creative craft beer-oriented content, so feel free to pitch ideas.

Colorado Events Coordinator

Ever wanted a chance to break into event planning and love craft beer? We’re looking for someone to help us plan a few events in the Denver area. These events would mostly revolve around bottle shares, helping to plan Tour Tasters, which is our series that brings touring up and coming musicians with breweries we love, and finally this role would include planning some bigger projects we have planned for GABF. Applicants must be based in Colorado and while we can’t pay a salary, this is a position we’d be willing to split a commission on events that generate income.

If interested please e-mail [Tristan] at porchdrinking dot [com]

National Team General Assistance

We’re looking for people who are willing to do a little of anything, whether that calls for putting together a monthly newsletter, reaching out to breweries about larger scale projects and pieces, sending out e-mails to other publications and breweries about sharing our content, or helping us organize our team better. If you’re not necessarily into writing but want to get involved anyway this would be the perfect role for you. We’re looking for someone highly organized and great at communication!

If interested please e-mail [Tristan] at porchdrinking dot [com]